Who we are

Podemar Promociones is an importer, exporter and distributor of fruits and vegetables located in Velez-Malaga.
This center has established itself as one of the most important links in food distribution, both nationally and internationally.

Our objective is to offer an excellent and homogeneous quality of the fruit and vegetable products that we commercialize. For this reason, it chooses its sales channels, controlling the products from the field to the customer’s door.

Distribution and logistics are the basis to provide the integral and quality service that our customers need.
We work every day to improve our service and quality.

Why choose us?

At Podemar Promociones we choose the sales and distribution channels, we maintain a fluid and healthy communication with our customers at all times and we control the time and temperature to ensure the maximum freshness of our products from the field to the customer’s door.

Our Mission

To be one of the leading companies in the marketing of fruit and vegetable products in Spain and Morocco, through continuous innovation in products, processes and management, positioned as the best qualified, most profitable and diversified company in the sector.


We have developed a direct marketing sales policy towards our national and foreign customers, located in the 5 continents of the world. This means that we have always kept a very close follow-up of the market requirements, in order to satisfy their needs.

The prestige and credibility achieved among our customers through a direct relationship and strict compliance with their contracts, has always been supported by a clear and defined quality standard. In that sense, our relationships are a reflection of the orderly and hard work of many years which has led us to excellence in quality.

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